My new personal best

I just beat my old personal best of like 210,000 coins. I actually wanted to play more but sadly I had to get off so I gave the coins to my new friend I found.

I absolutely destroyed this server I figured out a new strat basically you can use your warrior ability and corner people and it’s actually OP.

Also @ANGEL why do you hate me… I tried to kill you once because I thought you were afk but I guess you weren’t… and now you hate me ;p sorry

Yea hope you like this game, I am now officially around #5000th worldwide which is kinda cool. I’ll keep moving up the ranks each day :slight_smile:

PS: if you want to see my amazing stats (and give me some profile views):{ck}%20jelly


Nice job!

@ANGEL what you have to say about this

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Great score for a new player now try to get 300k or 500k :)

Nice! Keep practicing and you could get 500k!

Wouldn’t exactly call wall pinning a “new strat” but good job!

Ps if you are hood enough you can actually pin people against walls, not just corners to kill them. But learn when to, and when not to use your ability or else someone might pin you. Try to make them waste their ability to be able to pin them without resistance, unless of course they went beserker route instead tabk evolutions, in which case they are an easy target.

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I don’t hate them lol just because I killed you doesn’t mean I hate you and also they attacked me in the first place so I just killed them (also @swordz don’t kill people while they r afk it’s annoying having to come back and seeing that u got killed by someone you know or u thought u were teaming with.)


Considering that you are so new and still got over 200k in 40minutes is impressive

I think you hate them

congratulations you are 23% of the way there to 1m

no longer new, he’s getting really good

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