My newest game

How itstarted:

How its going:


Looks very cool

llemme test / GitHub - codergautam/ A multiplayer soccer game with cars, play from your browser

ight bro, whyd dont you add joysticks for the love of god?

rocket league carball will be one of the best io games of all time

Joysticks dont work for a car type game (tried it its hard to use)

rookie numbers

This is why I dont want to add a goal scored leaderboard, people are just gonna do this :frowning:

Just make it so if theres only 1 player in the server then it goes back to the waiting lobby and then to prevent cross-teaming a player can’t score so many goals by themself

only for movement. dont put left right

trust me I’ve tried, the car needs to rotate before moving in a direction so its not as simple as sb movement where it just goes towards an angle

and you cant attach the two?
or make just a left and rigght joystick while te one on the left is up and down is what i mean. i didnt mean one for all four. in case you were confused.

this is what gautam was working on?? :fire:

how would two joysticks work? if there were 2 1d joysticks its easier to just have buttons