My premiere is playing

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laggy af video


it’s less laggy on actual youtube

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i watched it on actual youtube and its still laggy

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i would have seen a new view

i didnt watch the whole video because it 15 fps for all of it

you make a video on it then

nah lmao, the gamemode is boring af

you make easy money on it tho

i already played the gamemode, and i dont make money from yt.
i already have a video on a zombie liike gamemode thats much better than this current zombie one.
ERTH2 The Squad beats erth13 new gamemode! - YouTube

your flamboiant liquid?

always have been

lol talk more later

can’t view it, blocked on my end, and on youtube as well, i can’t view it

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use my unbl0ckers boi

Make one

no lol im not advertising trash gamemode for u

ahahha its actually funny how much you’re raging crabby cakes