My stats got blocked

I try to look at my stats but this pops up :expressionless:

I did it with this
Does anyone know other links to see your stats?

still is blocked

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Learn to use VPN

I have it but no work in online school

Try β€œVeePN” as a chromium extension

Whats actually wrong with schools in usa?

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What state r u in?


They just dont want us do anything rather than school they are cruel

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I found one that works

Also why your phones run slow is because of a data blocker

Everything bro


Uh but I think its better then in my country where I have to learn useless subjects that wont help me with my future job


Hmmm idk most of us have like Spanish or French or smth and we never use it or even rly learn it and it’s kinda a waste of time

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I had french in school, dont really was trying to learn it

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I take French. Because I am. And my parents want me to.

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