my thoughts on going to crazygames

so, i would say the general idea makes a ton of sense and i am generally in favor of. if crazygames does indeed accept, i think we could all agree it would be better for everyone -

as tons of new players would be integrated into the playerbase/ community, and probably make the forum grow a lot as well!

as gautam said, it would probably double/triple the community…

but first, as gautam said, some changes need to be made. and i have mixed opinions about these changes, which i will point out below.

the first one -

i think this is a really good idea, gautam was already going to add it but now there is just one more reason it should be added!

now, i’ve already noticed this somewhat in-game and think that overall, it’s pretty good! (will make a detailed topic on it soon).

i think its very promising, especially considering gautam said he would make it better soon.

next: the skins update. i think this is generally going to be a great idea, because, as i, and many others have pointed out, there is kind of a lack of v2 skins (non og) right now.

now this is the first one i kind of dissaprove of. i think bots are a great way to practice comboing without having an actual player.

and as it is, in my opinion, even at their current agressiveness, they are pretty easy to beat, so it most likely wont be a problem affecting pvp unless you are referring to the occasional hordes.

again, i think this would be a great idea for new players to get an early handle on the game before jumping in with no preparation and not knowing what to expect.

now, this one…when i first read it i had some mixed feelings. i get the need to balance the evolutions rn, but how exactly would that be done?

the second part i do agree with, it would make the game a lot more engaging if there were a second level of evolutions.

this would really boost the time v2-introduced players spend on the game, i think, as they would want to explore everything the new evols do.

thats what i think, what about you all?


My guess would be to buff berserker, especially regen.


Its not confirmed yet but Im gonna try anyways


My mom always told me that sites like these r viruses

Not all of them and def not crazygames, their a big company


Ik i jus found it funny that i rly believe her

I wouldn’t mind if they were a little less aggro. They interfere so much during 1v1s.

Tank ability definitely needs to be nerfed. I think the ability duration should be cut down to 5 seconds. 10 seconds is way too long. You can kill a boss single handedly with 1 tank ability.

good point, but i think it would be much better if they could be coded not to somehow (not an expert, but maybe when two players are within 15 secs of combat then bots do not attack?)

hold up but what if u get stuck in the corner and u a tank that ability is gonna be so short it gonna be a waste to use plus what about the cooldown? doesn’t it take like 3 mins or 1 to recharge? and then what if another tank uses their ability and u just used ur ability? there stats i think get double when they used their tanks ability and 5 secs won’t help u or save u from danger espcially if u gonna keep the long cooldown.

That would where (I’m guessing) the tier 2 evols would come in

5 seconds was how long the tank ability was in V1, with the same cooldown of 90 seconds. With how different PVP feels in V2, maybe 7 seconds would be a bit more reasonable?

Nerfing tank ability like this would probably be for the best, because then people would need to use skill in fights with other players and bosses, rather than just relying on their abilities.

I guess this evolution nerf could wait until the other evolutions get added, because tank ability’s pretty much the only way secure kills.

Players are meant to use their abilities sparingly, and use them at the right moment.


i meant that even tho you used your ability for 5 secs we still have players that doesn’t do that probaly new people

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