My vids sched

2maro… exposing noobs (esp porkl) and cheesing other kids thurz… 20 kills w the padalin n 170 levls saterday… 100 kills w snipr.

let’s me kno what i shoulds make next.

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fun watch

i luve the luve haha

who else is getting canceled?

ion kno tbh. that porkl kid sucks balls tbh and i had to humble him. ts kid claim anytn to not get exposed. so i hadd do it to em.

bro joined 11 hours ago lmfao

yea n ?

nice vid

were vid?

day 2 of waiting

I cant wait

ims editins it tn


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, likes the vids plz likes the vid


editing is actually pretty good, thought you would be one of those kids that use in game chat instead of editing text