Mystery Chest idea?

We have chests in the game. Certain chests give u a certain amount of coins. WHAT IF a mystery chest would be added. It would give coins up to 2k and even take some of your coins. If u barley have coins and it takes coins it should take half or a third of the money you. If you have alot of coins more than 20k it should be able to take up to 2k. SO lose up to 2k or win up to 5k. Is it a good idea?


That would be a bit to much b/c if you have 100k or mils and mine the chest and kills you. You would get mad

That’s a great idea!

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i don’t think its a good idea

this could be used as a trap but also there probably would be alot of bugs like you would have to lose evol in truth it could be used as a trap


i mean idea

Edited it into to taking and giving 2k

it would take all the work out of it and it would make it to ez for me

Yeah i want so sure about this i just wanted to ask how others would feel bout dis.

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i mean work

not a good idea

i like the idea tbh

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ooh what if there was a third path for 5k evo and it would be a trapper?


(: I would use that

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wait lemme get stats ready, i’ll post with your credit

what dose the trapper do?

and would it branch off from the begging or from tank or berserker?


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so from the start im gussing

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no the biggest chest gives 10k