Nerf/Buff upgrades?

I feel like dmg does nothing and health/regen does too much what do you guys think?

  • Buff speed
  • Nerf speed
  • Keep speed same
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  • Buff regen
  • Nerf regen
  • Keep Regen same
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  • Buff health
  • Nerf health
  • Keep health same
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  • Buff damage
  • Nerf damage
  • Keep damage same
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If you wanted one of them to be buffed/nerfed could you say by how much please?

If you check the code for the upgrade system, if you max out regen and health those stats will be over double as much as when they were unupgraded, but max speed is only around 50% more and damage is only 25% more which is so little compared to the other upgrades

I’m not even going to play the game anymore until these upgrades and the classes are rebalanced

I think that is you do max health, it should be able to one shot any player

Why ppl want speed buffed? Wouldn’t it support runners?

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runners like you?

All I want is long lasting battles.

Lol @coolguy53 i think he has urmad syndrome

Like all of them but regen need buffs in my opinion.

who is the one or evo you trying to buff/nerf?

The upgrades not the evols

oh. idk bro you sure you wanna do this tho?

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