Nerf knight evol

Ik this is a bit late but i feel that the knight evol is too powerful as an abil. I think it should be nerfed from 15 to 10 seconds and 15 is too long for any abil especially since regen is quick. If u dont lower abilr, raisr abil regen time to 90s plz

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  • Keep same
  • Nerf abil time
  • Increase abil regen time
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isnt the time 10 seconds?

chose keep same for memes and so it would be 50% 50% and 50%



Honestly I think it needs to be buffed lol the warrior is to op so it gotta be balanced lol, thats just me tho.


ye, cuz everyone complaining abt being comboed by a knight, when ur just gonna be warrior, corner them, and there dead in 2 seconds. also it is possible to counter knight abilityi found if u do it right, they cant hit u

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yep, I use knight, so there’s some bias, but if the knight gets a nerf, The warrior needs a huge nerf. knight is its only counter


Warrior can be down sized

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The speed is op

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Warrior is too op but knight needs a nerf

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