New badge ideas

Ok, so I was thinking that we should have badges based on what position you are on in the leaderboard. So if you were top 100 you could get a bronze badge “Reached Top 100,” if you were top 50 you could get a silver badge “Reached Top 50,” and if you were top 10 you could get a gold badge “Reached Top 10.” You could use these badges as titles, if you want. What do you guys think?



coder would have to check often, as the forum cannot track progress in sb, which would be annoying, however, free badges? heck yeah!

hamm’s verdict: Bad Idea.


Maybe for all of you

hehe :]

That’s why I was thinking that it should be a one time thing, so if you manage to reach the leaderboard at any point you get to keep the badge forever. That way, once the initial 100 badges are disturbed out you don’t have to keep updating it again and again, unless someone new reaches the leaderboard.

that’s the problem, coder would have to check every day to be sure

we’ve had 5 new ppl enter (and leave) just today

that would be a good idea

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@gautam what do you think?

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I mean it is a good idea, but rn there isn’t any good way we merge the forum badges to the in-game leaderboard. I suppose we can have the mods assign these badges but overall I think it’s too much work.


New badge ideas:
Higher and lower tier attractive badges
(20 profile views and 1000 views)

I think it would be cool if the badge applied to the forum, as that could likely be tracked easier by the forum itself.

@gautam would this still be impossible even with the leaderboard being directly linked to the forum?

if it is just close this topic


It’s not impossible maybe after game accounts and forum gets linked yeah.

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