New chests

I had an idea about the chests in game. i thought, what if there were different kinds with different rarities. so, of course, i made some.
Normal chest, the one already in the game, stays the same.

and then the rare chest, which of course is rarer, and will drop more coins upon being broken (around 2-5k coins), and must be broken only by throwing a sword, and not swinging the sword.
Untitled_Artwork (1)

an epic chest that drops 5-25k coins upon breaking, and takes a few hits to break
Untitled_Artwork (2)

then the legendary chest, which is super rare, and hardly ever spawns. it takes a few hits to open (dropping anywhere from 10k-100k coins) and maybe gives you strength for 15 seconds (just an idea)

@gautam can it be added?


@dev3x can there also be like a epic chest too that gives around 5k-50k?

sure, il make it rn

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@dev3x Good idea.

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please talk about this somewhere else


@dev3x Done

great idea

seems a bit OP

I agree 100k is too much. The best should Max be 5k


really if it is that rare really!!

About twenty chests at any given time. They usually clump together and they are broken ALL the time. Rare chest would still be common.

then make them rarer :expressionless:

Not that easy…

Hey dev could you send the images but without those weird drawings over it

(bottom right in epic chest)
(all the corners in legend chest)

I am almost done with the update and I just need better images

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Dev is great. However there is another topic with chests right?

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@dev3x send the rest of the chests you made


yeah. ill try to get them to you this afternoon


Gautam, i hope u remember there are more than three types… Dev has five images

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