New cult I meant clan

The clan name is Murder_the_Moths just join by adding MtM before your username
please join this community effort

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they will rise

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so you approve this cult will you join?

No I like moths

I made the first cult/clan during TGFB ;)

no, the moths will rise and infest the house
the creepy crawlers sneaking beneath your skin taking every ounce of blood left in your body

Wait what is that what we do?

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name a moth worth killing

awesome (still not joining a clan i just want to keep my regular rank)

Ones that eat our food?

i meant one of the forum goers that is worth killing in sb, that happens to be a “moth”


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if i see i will nuke.

This is Microwave 2.0.

no, im killing everyone in this cult. Just FYI everyone, we aren’t a cult anymore, we now own physical microwaves and enjoy yelling VMMMMMMM at unsuspecting passerby

No, im not talking about the cult portion. Im talking about the fact how you managed to get so many members.

Clan = cult

Fine I will take it down >:(
Also I am in your clan but ツ/

we were the first clan to ever exist

Although would the two sides for coder vs mitbald work?