New Evo Class: Summoner

New Class: Summoner

Tree: Tank

Ability: Call Reinforcements
Cooldown: 30s

The summoner will create 2 low level controllable minions to help you (max 6). These minions have a max level of 5 (by gaining coins). Any coins the summons pick up are also added to your score. The summons do the same amount of damage as a thrown sword, and are defeated in two hits. Note that minions cannot throw swords, they can only attack normally.

Evo 2: Necromancer

The necromancer is like a better version of the summoner. Summons 3 instead of 2 minions and has a max of 9. The attack power is slightly increased from summoner, and they take 3 hits to kill instead of two.

What the summoner might look like in-game.
Untitled (4)

What the minion might look like in-game (note that the minions would be very small in game, much smaller than what they appear here as)
Untitled (5)

The minion’s weapon (not finalized)
Untitled (7)


I like it but would it evolve from tank, or from warrior/rook?


tank, i guess?

True tho wait if it involved from Vamp it would actually give me a reason to use it lol

Ok, so like a third branch.

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It is from tank tree thing TwT
Screenshot 2023-02-14 8.34.46 PM

i mean he is gonna be chonky, it wouldn’t make sense if he was in the vampire tree because he doesn’t have a speedboost ability

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frumpy welcome to the evo maker gang

thanks lol

sheesh, that was fast

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Sounds cool i mean

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the power of notifications surmounts me

both reminds me of a minecraft
1 wither
2 ghost
and i like it

consider the name Necromancer it would fit pretty well.

did you read the whole topic?
it’s already in the second evo

mb didnt read whole thing

mitbalde u gona add this?

Suggest making the ability also give a speed boost, similar to vamps. However, the boost will last for longer. Also make it so that the minions don’t hinder the movement of this class. I’m seeing this as a versatility guy, the minions can get coins, they can block or slow down enemies, and the speed boost can be used for attack/run. Only issue is that of the AI of bots. Don’t know exactly how that’ll work. Maybe have them follow, and be passive unless they or the summoner are hit. Or if the summoner hits smth. Like Minecraft dogs. Last thing, Lv 5 is waaaaaay to low. Level 10 size at least. I’m thinking lv 10 for summoner, 15/20 for necro. The number of hits to kill should be increased to 3 and 5, respectively. Other than that, love this idea

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This is great feedback. First off, what I had in mind, is that the minions attack anyone that the player hits with their sword (melee only, not thrown). And anytime the player hits a new enemy, the minions then prioritize attacking that player. Second off, I feel like that’s true…max level fifteen and ten, respectively, sounds pretty good. And third off, I love the idea of number of hits to kill, it sounds really good. Lastly, thanks so much for taking the time to type all this out! You’re probably my favorite player in this game :D

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