New evol skin idea

its called a pharaoh

  • same speed as knight
  • when ability used, it activates shield, and after getting hit for a certain amount of times: your actual health comes
    i tried to make it as circular as i could

This is well thought of andi love it
Execution is also perfect to the nth

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U just need to put tone and effort and look at whatu can do


do u mean make the skin better???

Noi mean it’s perfect. U spent time and instead of that wierd prince u made the treasures of a phaoroah


so can this be added?

Prob will be. Itt MIGHT need to bed more circle but don’t do itt now until Gautam checks. Abil is good
Which tree is it?


i was also thinking that when the shield breaks maybe the pharaoh skin can change into a mummy and when later it changes back, what do u think?

Might be hard… But that is interesting unless u want mummy next evol?

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hmmmm sure can u dm some stat ideas tho?

@gautam is this ok?

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