New evolution idea

Recently, I was playing the game as a knight and I started lagging so hard that the game went into slow motion. This made my attacks much easier to hit (I was using ability), and I killed the poor guy in under 5 seconds. This gave me an idea for a new evolution.

Name: The Dark Knight
Skin: No skin yet
Tree: Knight, max level evolution.
Stats: Faster then knight, attack speed is greater and damage is increased, but health and health regeneration is less.
Ability: Same as knight (with different stats), but can go into slow motion.

Tell me what you think!

Can I make a skin for you?

sure if you want

Yay :]

how about it goes slow motion for 5 seconds

It should go slow motion as long as the ability is active., so if the ability is 5 seconds, then sure.

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