New Evolution

  • Take out the new evolution that you only spent an hour on and spend some time making a better evol update
  • This new evol is fine, keep it
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@gautam , lets see

Personally, I think you should take like 2 weeks to make something quality. Dont spend just an hour and live with something just OK. Spend 2 weeks and live with something good.

Sorry, accidentally reset it. Not including the current vote there were 5 votes for option one and 1 vote for option 2. If you revote, plz tell here

i wish the samurai skill was dash in front with super speed and swing the sword fast deal many damage

@gautam don’t vote loll. Will u listen to the vote btw? Or is it pointless

I dont think i will remove but I will improve the abilities so they are better


Yeah I think i fixed the damage can you check now

Wht abt the original plan…

You mean how different classes has different trees yeah I will be moving the evol into different trees

Remember two for each tree? Like stalker and hitman for berserk and knight and samurai for tank?

Ima slide an idea here, what if there was an evolution that even not using the ability was faster in general, and the ability could maybe be teleportation where you press a key on the keyboard (ex. F Key) And you teleport a little bit in front of you, this would be cool


Ooh this would defenitely be cool…



bumped :)

Bumped :D