New Evolutions?

I was playing today and there was a rook I was fighting. I was using the knight evolution, and I only barely was able to kill the rook. The rook itself was not great at fighting and, if it had been ANY better I probably would not have been able to kill it. The tank evolution path is jsut really OP and extremely hard to kill while the berserker path evolutions appear to be harder to use and die much more often. The reach of the rook is just insane and if someone uses it the right way it is hard to get any hits because it does SO MUCH knock back and when you finally get over to them they can hit you again. Also with the ability they will heal every time they get low. And, yes the knight can do good things if you use it right, but if two players who are just as good at pvp fight, then the tank evolution would probably win. It just doesn’t seem very balanced.


The rook is tooooo big

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tank’s always been OP, t2 evolutions just cemented it.

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