New forum lore just dropped

Long ago, on the lush plains of, there were two great warriors, Raito and Marin. The brothers were renowned swordsmen and respected far and wide for their great talents. They had gotten to the top through their own hard work and dedication. And one day, when they had both come of age, they each inherited their own kingdoms.
For a time, everyone lived in peace. Their kingdoms prospered. And everyone across the land was happy. Except for one person, whose name was Acol. Acol was never a happy person, for no one really understood what his true motives were, and they feared him. One day, he decided to be goofy and try to get himself banned on the scriptures which were known as the “Forum,” and was exiled from the land. However afterwards, he immediately regretted his actions. “Please take me back!” He cried. “Nope,” Fish said, adding a “:crazy_face:” reaction.
Supposedly you can still see the “:crazy_face:” reaction to this day…

I was the one to bring “:crazy_face:” into existence actually.
me and coder



uhm- uhhhh

let me just :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :camera_flash:

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oh well, at least coder accepted my love

Gautam can we have an :fu: emote?

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I mean reaction

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Dont wry id only use on zarooma

hmm cosmic there may be a issue with that lol

hmmm fair fair fair

but fish would to sooooooooooooooo

we gotta make this the post with the most :crazy_face: reactions


Why does everyone hate you?

yes would be amazing when dealing with @Undefeated_Bald-DR

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not everyone most the time its a joke lol dont know for cosmic though :wink:


Yes please

what acol said

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skull emoji rn is fire