New fox sword

Fox skin sword


i like that

Too realistic? I like the cartoon style sb has rn

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bruh it has already been in the game for like 4 months


Fr tho lmao

did he JUST notice and did he never use fox

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Do u remember whrn if a player was using neon, fox, medoc, or chef they were super tryhard

My friend Pitaya was a try hard?

lol fr. especialy chef, like cheese cracker lol


Nah medoc was scariest. Then chef. Then neon. Then fox

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ye i he still plays for now he is the only person i lost to in pvp i never pvped anyone else who beat me


Nah when people have the Boss Mech skin they are try hard they spend ages getting 1 mil (not that hard) and then spend it on Boss Mech which is 1 million and 1 coins.

Moss mech

Bro u dont know the real meaning of try hard like thwe dudes i listed. Theyre gone now. That was a time. MM is not a tryhard skin

It was for me.

Dragon, Shadow, Bush, and Assassin are try hard skins imo