New kill/coin record! (+ some more news)

soo i decided to grind for 100k maybe once per every two days or a little less/more now, because i’m starting to like grinding a lot more than i used to…

i don’t usually kill that many people during my grinds, so it may not seem like much, but today i grinded for 100k and managed to killed 21 people!

and maybe one 100k per every two days doesn’t seem that much to you, either. buut if you do the math, 100k per every two days lets you get one million coins in just twenty days, even less if i do some one after another!

soo that’s gonna be my new plan to get more coins: working slowly and steadily!

I think you did some math wrong, 100k every other day takes 20 days to get 1m

But other than that… Awesome! slowly climb your way onto the leaderboard

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oh your right. ofc my math fails me again (lol math is my worst subject)

Great! Try for 200k next!

Get on my level brody

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