This idea was originally from @MithunYT. So we have many things in the leader board. We can add something called money spent. This would show how much a player has spent in the past day, week and all time. This would only benefit the lower rank players who dont have many skins so its a 50-50


I love this!

If Im right in sb if you set the same amount you will be higher the the player who did set it before.


i dont get what u mean

For example Player1 have 612.345 coins record and #20 in leaderboard, if Player2 gonna set set 612.345, he will be #20 in the leaderboard.

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if they both spend the same amount of money?

maybe a separate leaderboard for richest instead of xp so you can tell who has the most money in there acount?

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It gonna works the same with “coins spend”

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