New pfp

Could someone make me a new pfp since mine currently is from the internet and I have no idea what else it could be.

But before that should I keep it the same?

  • Same
  • Change
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I fell like a compass goes great with your username.


keyboard too tbh

leave it plz i like it alot

I guess people like it as it is but you can still make it if you want

looks good!

is this good?

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Wow, looks awesome!

Nice! Good job AI art! :D

If the votes change I’ll consider its just that hand drawn would be preferable although I do like it alot

That’s an AI generated image, man!


I put absolutely zero effort into it!

(that’s not true actually, my generator is dumb)

what generator is it?

I also got a new pfp lol

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dream ai


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