New potential Evo design




Design by @3RG3R
Without the ability, the speed and attack are raised and the speed of the weapons are raised, however, just because you throw faster, it doesn’t give you a bigger speed boost

The ability this evo provides is mainly for getting out of tough situations
The ability would:

  • Speed up sword throws
  • Make throws do more knockback
  • Increase overall knockback
  • Increase Damage
  • Increase speed
  • Again, the faster sword does not imply a faster boost
This would be the third option, right next to tank and berserker.

What do you think?

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im not gonna judge but the only thing im gonna say is: it can be improved


I know the skin can be improved, but what do you think of the actual concept of the evo

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evols are good, but i wont keep it as a 5k evol prob like a special one for like maybe 40k cus then it wuld just be too op

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How? it would be slightly faster in all ways, then gain knockback and weapon speed with special

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idk because if ur running u can get an advantage since ur throws are faster and we all know that when u throw u get a little boost so…


Ohhh, yeah, that could be an issue

ahh now u see wht im sayin, nice idea tho :+1:

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I changed it up a little, but i’m assuming faster throw does not equal faster boost

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This reminds me of a ranger skin I made like 11 mouths ago maybe I should redo it

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I am making a improved version of this, sort of like yours


oki i guess

Wait, as in the skin or the whole concept?

in the skin, just making it look a bit different, still the same idea

ok, epik

Ik secret info on the net evol structure…

Oh, gimme! Gimme!

??? What? tell me?


check general