New SB Title Concept 1

New Title Concept:

Here it is on the title screen. (Ignore the broken backround)

Please share your thoughts and opinions so I can improve it and make the best title for


tbh it looks better

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except for teh part u made look 3D it makes it liek its curved make it face one way


(we also need a new skin button tbh)

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Maybe instead of the a have the default player skin with a sword going into him

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Made shadow point in once direction.

Is this better than the old version?


Yes, definitely.

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Hue it’s cool but u see the d and the b . That could be better cause it …

new skins button
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The concept seems very good, just one slight issue with this, its sideways and the text is sideways. I think this might break when being added.

the textbox isnt sideways tho…

Why is it tileted. Imma kill u color

I cant unsee it. I hate u

I like it. Maybe make it a button not a corner

slanted = cooler

No i cant stand it. I need it to be neat and symmetrical

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well thats a you problem

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Since i add image type thing into game… Ill prob straighten it