New Skin: A good side, and a bad side

Description: The good, and the bad…
Price: 300,000 coins

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i can barely see

what do u recommend i do for the sword

Just Confirming, is any of this from google? if it is it cant be added. Also the sword should be 45 degrees(tip of sword shuld be facing top-right)

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nope, none of it is from google, it is original from me on if you want to check the website out. and i dont know what you mean by the sword

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like curving inwards?

ooh nice, exceeding good actly, but idk if this will be allowed because of the games style

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wht i mean is that the tip of the sword(where u hit) shuld be facing the top-right

somthing like this:

ack i tried to transperentize but it didnt work

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i will try my best

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lol thanks

i made it transparent for ya here:
ba8c33c932277a3d0d56e5ec68450423eaa723c1-removebg-preview (1)


Plz make less pixelated bc quality will be bad. Looks amazing tho. Work on sword too.

i could try, but the whole point of that drawing is to have pixels lol

is it a requirement or just for quality?

Quality @gautam

actually it should be 47.1210963967 degrees :sunglasses:


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