New skin, Ornament!

The skin i made, Ornament
price: 200k
Quote: kill your enemies in festive sight
canvas (1) (3)
canvas (2) (3)
Don’t blame me for the sizing, i can’t change it


thx dude

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k i’ll remove it

the background is removed


if anyone wants to, they can size it down to help me

Good skin


to size down, go on a art site and group your sword and bauble seperatly. Once you do that, you can then past the original skin and sword and just scale it down the the same side.

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aight thx

love it!

oh, YOU’RE back

yep i was banned for so long lol

thx dude


why’s it so fuzzy?

it’s most likely fuzzy for u but not for me

and if ur asking why, i drew it by hand

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Doom try making the sword a long ornament

Could make it less pixelated and the dangly bit on the bottom of the sword more filled good job tho

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