New Skiovox Exploit Tutorial for Chromebook

Skiovox - Modified

  • Recommended: Open this on a phone to follow along with.
  1. Sign-out of your Chromebook

  2. Turn off wifi

  3. Open any kiosk app and quickly press alt+shift+s immediately after opening it

  4. Wait for the “network error” screen, then press accessibility, then the “?” icon

  5. Click “sign-in as existing user”, enter your school account credentials, and press

esc when the “multiple user sign-in is disabled” popup shows

  1. Press the “X” button in the top right corner of the window that your school

account is logged into.

  1. Enter “” on the same tab as the one that’s already open (don’t open

a new tab to do this)(it should bring up an internet error page, but that’s fine)

  1. Make sure you don’t close the window, and then hold the power button until a

popup appears (release it when this happens)

  1. Click the “sign-out of all accounts” button

  2. Make sure your internet is turned off, then open the same kiosk app again,

pressing alt+shift+s immediately afterward

  1. Wait until the “network error” screen, and then click the >button next to the

brightness bar, and press the settings cog from that menu

12.Enter your school account credentials again, press esc when the “multiple user

sign-in is disabled”, and press the “X” button in the top right corner

13.In the settings menu that pops up behind the window you just closed, click the

back arrow, scroll up until you see the wifi switch, and turn it on

14.After connected, press ctrl+shift+t and hope that it opens “

with a url bar at the top. (If not, then restart from step 2 after exiting the kiosk


Optional Steps

  1. Download Skiovox Helper from:

Releases · bypassiwastaken/skiovox-helper · GitHub on your Skiovox


  1. Go to “chrome://file-manager”, then right-click the zip file and extract it

  2. Go to “chrome://extensions”, turn on devmode (it won’t be locked) and click

“load unpacked”

  1. Click the folder that was extracted from the Skiovox zip file and upload it

  2. Turn it on in “chrome://extensions”, (all uses are found in the repo)


  • @bypassiwastaken for the original exploit

  • TitaniumNetwork for “penguin method

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