New snake game anyone?

I am developing this game - it’s yet another multiplayer snake game, but this time with several game modes.

So far I have Capture the Flag, Math Solving, Laser Tag and Classic modes. And you can play in teams! Just add [team name] in front of your name and play together with friends agains everyone else (team name will be hidden).

Laser tag - still trying to figure out proper effect lasers should have, it currently doesn’t kill you, but shifts your head and makes you loose energy/food.

Capture the flag - you compete for flag as a team.

Math arena - solve simple math to grow.

Here’s a short trailer.

Plays in browser on desktop, mobile or tablet.

Would appreciate some feedback!


I have eought snake games in my life lol (W lbs!)

Do math arena but with calculus that would be cool i think

I wont play any game wirh math lol smh

This game is awesome!

Gaurum is like ill buy this game with me 1cent yt money L O L

is it bots or real people

Both i bet

this looks really nice so far!

so but with math?

Depends on the game mode obv…

It would add bots if there is not enough players and remove them otherwise.

Sometimes teachers would let their students play games while in class. I think team math battles can be entertaining and give participants moral excuse :slight_smile:

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Ttue but must schools would stil js vlock it cuz it is still considered a game known from experience:(