New song

I created a new song, i submitted it to a label, and it will be released soon, i am releasing the song under regroup records which has about 1,000 monthly listeners. The song is called best day ever. I will keep you posted at when it will be released. I also submitted 2 more songs, lets hope it gets approved.


SpongeBob ahh name


the genre is tropical house

I named the other 2 songs, S’mores, and Summer Night

can i see link

sure let me just export it trough clipchamp, i am still waiting to see if it wiill get accepted

here, sorry for replying late Untitled video - Create and share your videos with Clipchamp

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cant hear anything

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weird, let me repost it.

it was playing from my computer when I was making it, maybe it published wrong, sorry.

its playing on my computer.

it worked for me


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