New UPDATE Release Date + All New Skins and Prices update will be on January 24th, as confirmed by ManagePasswords.

Well now Mitblade is saying 25th so idk.




Yin Yang 50 Find a balance
Glass 2250 Why have gold when you can have glass?
Clef 2750 Lure them in…
Frager201 6000 Dedicated to Frager201
Cursde 9500 Curse them to your advantage
Meelee 11000 Charge in headfirst
Painting 14500 Paint your coins
Viking 22500 A fearsome warrior
Smore 37500 Delicious
Day and Night 42500 Show your dedication no matter what time…
Farmer 47500 Trained in the fields
Monkey 51000 Le Monke
Floral 52500 Smells good like coins
Santa 53000 Ho ho ho
Ham 65000 Chomp
Wizard 67500 Fight like magic
Fighter 72500 Fight like a pro
Football 95000 Be strong
Burger 125000 As tasty as coins
Trippy 155000 PRO TIP: Wear this skin and spin to give enemies headaches
Cell 165000 Have stronger cells to be stronger
Luminescent 170000 Glow with coins
Mage 172500 Cast a spell
Illusionary 275000 So colorful…
Neumorphism 350000 Its neumorphic
Virus 750000 Infect them all
Moss Mech 1000001 Rise from the wild and DOMINATE!
predator 3000000 Hunt them down…

Yes, I know cursed is misspelled, and yes, I know predator is lower-cased, and yes, I know melee is spelled wrong. I’m just writing from the code, go tell managepasswords to fix it.

PS: Codergautam said this won’t be added as acol does not want it to be.

Name Price Description
Acol 1000000000 I shall grind!

Some of these will not be added heres the real skin updated commitment that will be added.

Acol skin will be added

Codergautam just accepted my pull request of all the new skins that were fixed. (Sorry cosmic but im not fighting with you because of this im not replacing your job… we’ve already had this discussion)


I did it through cosmic’s github, if you know Acol price and desc I can put it there too, and if you list the ones that wont be added I can remove those too.


heres the skins being added


its already added sorry m8

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add it

the skin is 1billion which is acols checkpoint in coins

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Oh goodness. That’s a lot of coins.

You don’t even know me or talk to me so typically you already hate me so whatever. heres proof its being added
Screenshot 2023-01-20 8.09.54 PM


@gautam take it out or else


@ManagePasswords Release on january 25th
Troll Face GIFs | Tenor

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woahh language ban isssss crazy

Go to dms

wont be added : )


Surprised my word convinced u
@anon43577364 next time just do what ur told

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He told me to add it…

Proof please

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already showed you not doing it again im not arguing with you i’ve alreayd had this discussion with you.

If he told u to add it whyd he say no now?