New update

might i ask when a new update will be rolling out?

and if so, what new features will be implemented (other than bug fixes and skins?)

@gautam already said that a new update besides those will be in about 4-7 weeks.

New skins may take up to two to three weeks.
Other updates may happen but there is confirmation that in 4 to 7 weeks we will get clanw unless gautam dies or smtn

i hope he doesnt die. then we wouldnt get bug patches!


@ManagePasswords @Fish
ye i forgor about clans. oop

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I feel you loll

Wow you care more about bug patches than me tears

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yup thats me


dang where has wosly been?

He could have joined the forum battles /j

rip clans. they are a meme at thiss point

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Yeah lol

(def not making a clan)

its been postponed for like 4 months

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since when did snek learn to talk normal?

snek wasnt born yet

then how did he chat…