new year idea fourm battle

team 5 enter your ideas here

my idea is on home screen there is a clock counting down to 12:00 and a new skin with limted time for that day only! of the new years ball and the sword be a clock


that was my idea


Here. Glaceon made a skin, and Queen Psycho made an idea.


Gosh darn it

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It’s okay, it’s a good idea.

But I mean like a disco ball with a clock saying 12:00 that you can only get that day

I know. I think Queen Psycho pointed that out too.

Dang it I need to think of smth else

Lol, you got this.

how about a squirrel skin? you can make that!

How dose a squirrel half to do with new years

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the national lampoons Christmas vacation duh!

Uh what

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I think it’s a movie

I think it’s a movie

Same but what

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Lemme look it up

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Has anyone had a clock countdown on Home Screen yet