News about v2

okay so i am sure many of you are exited for the v2 version of

V2 info

Hey! Here is a crude playable version. A lott of things need to be added and its not even close to completion but its a preview of how things will be.

Controls and instructions

  1. Very similar to V1. But here it is WASD to move in the horisontal plane and space to jump.
  2. Mouse pointer decides your direction and left click to shoot. (no right click, auto scope as in camera zoom)
  3. Use number keys to change weapons

Features that will change soon

(infinite ammo in all weapons) - I have to make some kind of ammo regeneration system so this was like a quick workaround

(No weapon models for many guns especially machine guns and UZI) - So I am currently looking for 3D weapon packs online to see whats the best and has everything (and is free lol). In an ideal world I would design this myself in blender because its not that hard in low poly but to get things going there are many packs out there. I thought this one is kind of cute, might upgrade current weapons to this

Also the server is in US so anyone playing from outside of US and especially asia can face significant lag. Later I will add a EU server as well so anyone can switch between the 2. I set the location to us because I saw that 50% of traffic is from there.

Also a really cool part is that the Seed based room names work (like Minecraft), So different worlds are genearted every time and it is a unique world for a unique room name. Even Im yet to see some cool seeds

However this will probably be delayed for quite a bit because me and @lilshake have decided to work on a more promising game which we believe will be better.

i will not go into to much detail about it it will be an .io game of course called StellarClash and it will be a great game.

Yours sincerly @DarkoKnight Co-owner of and Stellarclash .io

Thankyou for your understanding