No More "Dating"

This is serious.

No more “dating” of any form in this forum. It will result in a permanant ban. Also this is meant to be a forum for the game, I get there’s an off topic category but dating in any shape or form on a fricking forum about sword games is not cool

Already banned @anon43577364 (permanent) and @FLARE (2 weeks) for this, if I catch anyone else it will be a permanent ban.

Thanks for understanding.


ok, I just want to say R.I.P to flare and sketch


Can u also loop in people who r trying to make “families” with “moms” and “dads”


oh ok

ok then

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Makes sense.

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it’s an actual thing.

U dont wanna know

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The family thing is fine as long as it’s a joke and it doesn’t actually start to offend people and cause embarrasment

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Lol it’s a big joke aka somehow angel is married to dev lol human started it as a joke and it spread lol


Yea And somehow I am a Mother/Grandma/Great Grandma to many forum users when I only signed up to take care of one child but I guess more the merrier.

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Reamber you wanted angel jr

the fact that this gotta be said :skull:


yea. and im involved in it too

Ummm thts bc their name was ANGEL jr so they had to be a part of fam

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Lol still


can role playing be a perm banned as well?

Great Great Grandma actually

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