Northern Lights skin

Tell me if you like this skin, I worked hard to get it to look sort of like it.

northern lights
Northern lights sword



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cool, but try to add a bit more of the actual northern lights

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I tried for 3 hours :( it is so hard


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to make this, I had to use the shapes, and then the shapes looked like none of them would fit, and then after 30 mins, I found one that would work, but there where pointy things sticking out, so I had to color over those, and the gradient style was destroyed, so then I had to restore some of it, then use the color picker, then I had to draw and erase to make it look fine, even for 1 line of the northern lights, it was so hard, :( to make another, YIKES I cannot imagine, I mean like it would be shorter, but it would have still took a while, here was the original
it looked more like icicles, lol.


sry, i didnt know. good job making all of that tho


its okay, and thank you!

hey could you copy and paste just the northen lights and the have three of them insted of one

cant, I used 10 of the shapes, then I colored over the pointy parts, you cannot copy drawings on pixlr

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also I saved the image to draw over the shapes, soo… it would not work.


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