Nukes is leaving Swordbattle

I will no longer be playing the game as a result of my schools blocking system. This is real and for me upsetting. Uless i am able to access a fast enough proxy i will not join again. bye


That’s too bad, sounds like you’re not worth playing the game anyway. Bye loser!

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lol i found a new link

Oh, great! So you’re back in the game, eh? Well, don’t expect me to take it easy on you just because you took a little break. When you face me, you better bring your A-game or else you don’t stand a chance.

Never even see youu play, let alone heard of your skill. I hope your game isnt as bad as your trash talk so I can have a little bit of a challange.

sorry, but i don’t feel like talking to you right now, come again next week for a chat! :)



He’s not leaving