Oldest Account?

As we all know, @ANGEL has the oldest account on swordbattle (excluding coder of course), and I though this was true, until I discovered a. While a’s account may not be active, it is over 10 days older than ANGEL’s, and two days off of coders’s. So is ANGEL’s prize for oldest account still valid?

PLOT TWIST maybe a was just a testing account for coder lol


Angel lost title


It has happened

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well if you think abt it does it really count if someone has an older acc than me but isn’t active at all

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Yea now it dose

How do u find people not on lb?is there a way to search database?

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Title is oldest not oldest active

Well then angel most likely have oldest active account

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Coder… Loll

Yea but that is coder

Where would my account at in the old account race lol

I’m actually pretty young compared to others

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Yea I saw that and I’m really impressed by that

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I actually became second all time at abt 2 or 3 weeks

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Well I’ll tell you my secret…

It’s called randomly typing in stuff, that’s also how I found shark.


Why was I afk during the summer

Type stuff where

Wow that is a cool site lol

look ------------------------------------------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


If that was a account I would die