Opinions on the new Dragon Sword

So, I recently posted about the dragon skin. Slapadabass made a new better sword but some players don’t like it. It is being very hard for me to ask individually that what changes needs to be made, so I am making a post so people can discuss and reach a conclusion.
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If anyone else has the skin or have any opinion regarding that feel free to comment.

For those of you haven’t seen the new sword:

The current sword:

The previous og sword:


new sword or the og one bc the current sword isnt the that good

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ikr, I think the new one is pretty good, but every dragon skin owner thinks otherwise except me!


Looks nice

I rather old a bit more but thats my opinion

The old one not that bad

I think the pros are just mad bc the hit boxes are off

idk, if that’s the hitbox but @gautam can you confirm this? At this point I feel like at least add the old one bro!

couple more days ill be able to afford it myself

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That’s a great accomplishment!

ty fam

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i like all swords… the best one has to be the og

There are no differences with in hit box, if the sword is bigger it still will have the same hit box

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then what is the problem with the modified sword? Why is it not being added?

Its being added when Cosmi decides lul

Put the link in post skins topic and look for it on may 1

Manage or cosmic. Cosmi is cosmidragon

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ok cosmi

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did it, did I do it right?

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it looks so good! :D

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