Original people

At what point does someone become an O.G? 100days? 200 or maybe even 300?

I’m not old am I? I’m only 95!


I’m not a forum OG, but I am a SB og.

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95 is pretty young tbh, I would consider anything above 100 old

and yes, i say that as im 85

in swordbattle.io I have over a year tbh

I’d say 100 days = swordbattle OG


Yes but in swordbattle you are kind of old
(Btw Happy 200 days! :tada:)

thank you!


What am I then 0-O

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I would say 200 maybe more I would say the real ogs where the people before accounts cause that was fun and just funny like you want your name to be devil well you get devil skin and that’s the only way you gonna use it

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that doesn’t seem like a lot, lemme check my acc…

oh yeah, sb is broken…

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And when you could be a codergautum imposter

Yeah! I remember that! You had to name yourself CoderGautamYT, and you would get the gautam skin.

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Here’s my ranking for forums.
Feb-May new user
Nov 16 to Feb 11 average
September 1 to November 15 Old
May- August OG


so im average, just like everything else in life

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Yep! And then you can watch the I’m sry coder for killing you comments on replit roll in

Im old… just barely though

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