I was killing somebody and then he comes and kills him then later kills me just for coins and bro acts like it has to be that way of me growing then he kills me then I grow again he thinks its a cycle

then if i get a chance or if he dies he comes to me and begs for my coins

Taking this out of context :yawning_face:

Isn’t that also a way to grind? (Yeah, it seems pretty annoying)

it is but the way he does it is unbearable

I was doing a 2m run and for fun he killed me while i had 1.2m than told me im childish for getting mad and yhar im acol for grinding 1 hr and 50 minutes basically saying i don’t have a life tried to laugh it out with angel but she was pissed off too and killed him than i got him pressed he got so mad so blud literally tried to say sorry and I killed em agajn bro didnt join back he has alts

Like girlutrippin is him


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