Panda skin

Panda (yes I know the panda is low quality, but its okay says @gautam)
panda (1)

Panda Sword
SketchxCoding panda sword (1)


is it from google?


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Triple bump boi

This forum is hell bent on reminding me of sketch now.

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Imiss him

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I’ll be honest
I kinda do too

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Un Sus Pend @Slapadabass ?

Nah. He was suspended for a reason. I hope he’s at peace now.

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How did people not look into this being copyrighted? Nowadays this skin would not have been accepted.

We did

Maybe checking is hard?

I mean, you could just do a Google image search.

Yea but let’s say it is from a small game or website what happens then?

Was this the skin that used emojis I know it is copyrighted forget how

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