People 3v1ing a Solo Be Like

the 3 teamed rooks after killing me when im level 7


lmao i remember u talking about it yesterday while i was on

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happened to me so many times, that I lost count LOL


Of course they would be happy, they usually don’t do that well in a 3v1. :smirk: :sunglasses:


i never had a 3v1 except for that one time that i almost won one

People do that to good people.

I be mass murdering the server when i see like 3 rooks in sb i judt get them low and wall trap or some other way

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wow good strats at first i try not to kill them and then i offer to teach them and they try to kill me and i kill them happens everytime to me (also im talking about 1v1ing a new or just bad player)

I saw a player doing a 4v1 earlier, It was crazy!


quite literally hhappens to the best of us.

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that was me i was fighting a whole clan by myself

i just got 3v1ed a while ago when i was a level 15 and then the guy said ez when i died

which clan?

Wow, nice! I don’t think it was you I saw though. I don’t remember seeing your username.

wait werent u also like maxed? lol

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ye but i gtg and when i came back they were back as well

so it continued. fun. i actually like it when i fight multiple players bc i usually win as long as there isnt 2 or more warrioirs with specials.

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