Petition to ban a very toxic meanie

Uh i was toxic to bluegen first in that last part lol

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We just did lmao, I wrote a paragraph on how toxic bluegen and u r

Um no. That was just bluegen. Plus, that is not proof.

  1. womp womp just run away
  2. no one cares
  3. no he doesn’t ur just mad
  4. dam imagine crying in the age of 11 :joy:
  5. yes u are u def do

ban @saw plz @futurepear

ty @BigFatGrub

Bruh is there this much beef to resort to banning?
Give some proper evidence to prove your claims
Let the evidence speak for itself.
(I’m not saying anyone is wrong, I don’t think banning people is a good way to settle arguments.)

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@blugen2 you need to calm down lmao

Srsly, ur banning me cuz I killed you once or twice? It’s a pvp game, that’s the point. Everyone deals with the same problems and none of them come whining on the forum. Don’t mean to be toxic but just get used to it. And pls stop complaining it’s annoying

No, he is the goat!

um idk who to listen to rn

I do agree he is being irrationally mean D:< (proceeds to bully people in sb)

:popcorn: tbh both sides are pretty iffy show your evidence now!! :shoot: