Pig King Skin

A blocky pig skin I made to honor Technoblade and the great things he did. Please leave a comment for any suggestions for my skin.

Drawing (2)

Drawing (6)


added in dev server!

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i miss him… :sob:

Idk man its on a fine line between copyrighted and not copyrighted, the sword also needs a redesign because its too out of place from the graphics

wdym out of place from the graphics?

It just doesn’t fit the general artstyle of the game, skins in v2 need to follow the artstyle so the skin shop stays polished and such instead of chaotic like in v1

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hmm, your right, but sometimes having the same art is boring

I don’t mean like only slap’s style or only frumpy’s style, the artstyle thing isn’t that strict, but it shouldn’t go off too far to where its hard to imagine it in the game (for example cursed skin is one of these skins)

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  • Add shading
  • Add highlights
  • Use some form of outlines

That is the sb style to me


ok thankyou

outline what?

the sword i think

no thanks

All of it

Cosmi dragon flashbacks

Imma redo this skin to fit the vibe of his pfp