Please help

As everyone knows, I absolutely suck at art. Now, guess what the most recent swordbattle cup was about? Making a sword. I kid you not, I spent 4 hours on a half-done, generic sword. And get this, I actually thought it was good. Then, I started seeing some flaws. This is my sword, how do I fix this?


Not sure what I would fix, but I’m sure there’s room for improvement in some area

Hella fire. Make a crystal skin that glows like that sword


I don’t see any, the skin is great!

i might try and make a crystal skin, but rn im kinda lazy after so many of my skins got rejected

iether attempt to improve the handle shards by changing their arrangement, or you could fracture the blade all together. also the circle in the center of the hilt isnt interestiing at all; you could try to add detailing to it, yet that might distract from the blade. you also could try and see if enlargening the handle pieces would help. none of these are garenteed improvements but it neer hurts to try new things.

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