Please Support The Game!

Adblockers are great! They save us precious time by deleting annoying ads.

But please don’t use adblocker when playing.
I understand that some grinders can’t spare the brief 15-20 seconds, but if you’re just playing, please support the game.
Think of each ad you watch as a small donation towards improving the game.

Additionally, Coder does not make a ton of money from this game. He only earns about $18 every 1000 ads viewed, and most of that goes towards keeping the forum and servers online.

Thank you for turning off your adblocker.


me feeling bad cause I can’t disable the school adblocker

me feeling even worse cause I don’t play swordbattle at all



I’m not sure why but most of the time it starts loading the ads but then it doesnt end up showing them and just skips to the game.

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School ad blockers block every single ad except youtube ads

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is coder trying to make a living of a forum game if so gl

the ad for this post :skull:

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Bro 18 dollars, we wish……….


i took the statistics from an average-performing site, obv not swordbattle

Well ima be honest with you I don’t think we’re average preforming, for us it’s about 5 dollars per 1k :skull:

i mean not many people don’t use adblocker

Majority of schools have pre installed and our Whole player base is school kids ngl :cry:

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yes, we need to find a way to force ads upon the children…one that gets around the ad blocker

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Yeah, I only turn adblocker off for the game and forum.

you can turn it on for the forum, I don’t think gautam makes any money from those.

You can use adguard to block youtube ads

What about all those channel memberships?

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