Pls add this skin new skin plssssssssssssssssss

drip skin
cost 2m
desc: tooo drippy
Screenshot_2023-03-05_12.42.47_PM-removebg-preview (1)
fix it

Supreme is copy right

bruh are you kidding me

No I’m not

It says supreme which is copyrighted sorry

if i only change the word supreme is not cpr?

Ask manage

Bro dont add words on skins

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ok i refix it

And the skin…

also the skin?!!

bruh ok

Wow, what a compelling argument! I’m sure the game developers are frantically scrambling to add this groundbreaking “drip” skin to their game. Who needs thoughtful design, balance, or originality when you can just slap some “drip” on a character and charge an exorbitant amount for it? Truly, a work of genius.

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it just looks lazy

all of his skins do

boi can’t talk you didn’t even make one

and this somehow completely excuses all of your skins looking lazy?

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even if this gets added theres no chance its gonna be 2mil

Sword is really low effort… only 3 components which don’t even look that good together. Not to mention you didn’t put in the effort to tilt it 45 degrees. ;-;

Skin is literally just the default with some paint slapped on it. Now if you did some experimenting with that “paint” effect, and maybe used some color, I could see a good skin coming out of that. But no you had to slap a stickman and some dollar signs on there and say it’s drippy. :weary:


I would say, this won’t be getting added.

Edit: Also its copyright so it stood no chance anyway xD