(poll) mobile or computer?

so the main place to go to play swordbattle.io is on the website, v2.swordbattle.io. but you can also play sb on an ipad or phone with the app version!

both have different pros and cons, so i was wondering which you guys use mostly: mobile or computer?

personally, i use a computer more, but what about you?

  • mobile
  • or computer?
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I only have a school iPad to play on lol. I didn’t know there was an app tho


Ur school uses ipads? Nice.

Yea the school pays half and we pay half

Are things blocked though?

Yea but if we leave the school we get to keep it

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oh cool lol

do you get a refund?

Nah we just take the iPad home without restrictions

Our schools used to have them but it was a few years back

Oh I wonder why they stopped

I don’t know

Jeese guys is it that bad to pay half?

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