Poll: New crosshair?

In v2, i sometimes lose track of my crosshair and I die because of it. I was wondering if there should be a change to the crosshair to make it more visible on darker terrain.

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  • No
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i and some others mentioned this earlier, i think this is a great idea!

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skill issue

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I drafted up a design for a more visible crosshair, the idea is it has multiple colors on each extreme of the spectrum so brightness wont be a problem. There is also a red dot to make it easier to spot.

What does it look like without a red dot

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It would look something like this (sorry it looks a little messy)

I kinda like how it leaves a gap

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k, i got
a higher quality version of the one without the red dot if you want

you know what would be better than a new crosshair? a new crosshair and the ability to customize it by placing down your own pixels in some sort of drawing pad with multiple “pixels” (larger than pixels tho)

what do you guys think?

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I feel like if there were to be custom crosshairs, it would be better to make it a shop item like skins.


wise words- this is honestly true

its not a skill issue if you can’t see the cursor, accessibility issues like these make games harder to enjoy.

good idea, honestly

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current crosshair is honestly kinda fine, also you can see where you’re character is pointing and can easily find the crosshair from there

this isn’t that easy to see too- the current one is much more visible

In this example i have two cursors, tell me which one is more visible. (they have both been placed in similar locations for fairness)

Anyways, my point is its sometimes hard to see the cursor, especially in dark areas and when the brightness on the computer is low. It would be nice to have a cursor that can be visible at all times.


your cursor is behind your character and it so hard to see idk if it has the red dot or not.


it doesn’t have a red dot because people liked the redesign without it better

oh anyway yeah proves your point