(poll) new v2 kb?


so as you may know, with v2 came new kb. and so my question for you all is…do you like v2’s kb better, worse, or the same as v1’s kb?

  • better
  • worse
  • the same
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Gautam will fix it he said so it is fine but on some mobs like the moose it is a bit broken

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yeah for mobs like the moose, wolf, and rabbit, the kb is a bit broken. however, kb with bots and other players is excellent, so overall the quality is the same in my opinion

Dunno feel like there is a lot less skill involved now imo and is a lot more hit hit hit


i still like to time hits tho, a nice habit i got from v1

Idk, I think I like V2 KB better but i really don’t know

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i think its generally smoother but with some mobs the kb becomes broken

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